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Advance Wastewater Treatment with MBR Technology

In the current  situation of water bodies, resource scarcity and high environmental awareness, water reuse is becoming essential. Within water reuse, membrane technologies have become increasingly used system with  very promising future. The membrane bioreactor (MBR) can simultaneously treat and regenerate wastewater to fit most of  uses permitted by law. The evolution of this technology is taking place every day, therefore is necessary to acquire or...

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Design and Optimization of WWTP through Modeling and Simulation I

The new trends in the field of advanced Water Sewage Treatment respond to the necessity of re-using the water as well as optimizing the construction and operation costs. In order to do so, it is essential the using of computing tools based on Mathematical models, through simulation, which help to optimize their design and operation. Aim It is the main achievement of this course to...

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Water Treatment by MEMBRANES

This course offers comprehensive understanding of membrane technology applications for water treatment and technical strategies to enhance membrane processes performances. After   analyzing the  water chemistry fundamentals , the course focuses on  pre-treatment systems  prior to membrane system Moreover, the course pays special attention to water  treatment  using Reverse Osmosis  membranes and procedures for   water post – treatment Delegates  will be trained to  use free soft tools ...

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Design of Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Plant

The scarcity of traditional water resources and increasing demand for them have come to consider seawater as an unlimited resource, using desalination as a mean to get new resources of  fresh water in  reliable and competitive conditions. Aim This course is intended to address the reverse osmosis desalination system in an eminently practical way, approaching general concepts allowing students to configure Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. Students will be trained to  use free soft tools  for design  RO Racks. Starting from the raw water conditions, and knowing the requirements of treated water,...

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Wastewater Reuse-Design of Tertiary Treatment

Reuse of wastewater in areas with scarce water resources and  water regeneration for discharge into sensitive areas such as rivers and lakes, have become very important and their implememtation are growing  in many parts of the world as a key component of natural water cycle. Aim This course is intended to address the different technologies for wastewater reuse in a very practical mode. The trainees...

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Modeling of Water Discharges into Rivers and Estuaries-Outflow Pipeline Design

The  increasing attention to the problems caused by rainwater on coastal areas, beaches and estuaries makes this issue has become especially relevant between goverment agencies, Consultants, etc. The course presents  different available   modeling tools  and their application to specific cases. Aim The course will focus on obtaining essential knowledge to solve practical cases. During the term, the tutor  give examples of specific problems  linked with:...

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Stormwater Management for Urban Runoff

Every year  are recorded numerous flooding events  due to a number of key  factors that  act jointly. Therefore  is needed  to perform the  flood risk assessment, identification of pollution problems, analyzing and defining actions to be taken in our  cities and  towns. Aditionally the discharge of combined  sewers overflows  and the rainwater treatment is  another issues to be adressed Aim The main  course’s objective is...

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Open Channels Modeling using HEC RAS (Basic)

The complexity involved in the computation and analysis of hydraulic regime in natural open  channels requires  the use  of numerical methods to facilitate this task. One of the most widespread model for such job is  the River Analysis System (RAS) of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Most of the advantages of this numerical   model are the following: Steady and non steady flow modeling...

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Biogas Energy Recovery in WWTP

The sludge  valorisation generated in  wastewater treatment plants and other activities as well, have gained importance due  to  rising energy prices,  the possibility to use the energy on site and the more stringent  environmental requirements set by government agencies. Within this framework we find  the WWTP sludge anaerobic  digestion (AD), which  generates biogas (energy)  and a  stable digestate, what  can be used as fertilizer and...

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